About us

Addiction has now become a GLOBAL PROBLEM, as many young people become dependent to on alcohol and other intoxicating chemicals. Once they cross the invisible line in their habit, it becomes an addiction, and no matter how hard they try, they can't stop. This type of addiction completely destroys their future life as well as their family life. However, keep in mind that an alcoholic is not a BAD or MAD person; rather, he is a SICK person who requires attention and assistance.

AARAMBH FOUNDATION has been based in Pune since its inception. Mr. Anand Waghamare founded it as a result of his experience helping addicts. Mr. Anand Waghmare has been working in the addiction field for the past ten years. He works with a lot of addicts who have multiple addictions. His personal experience, determination, and dream to assist recovering alcoholics inspired him to establish the "AARAMBH FOUNDATION" with a team of dedicated and well-qualified General Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, and Volunteers. Aarambh Foundation is now able to provide a variety of services. He is a role model for many addicts who have been treated by him over the last ten years, focusing on addiction management, which is essentially an inpatient program, resulting in the effectiveness of recovery.